Annual Review

In 2017

YHANO welcomed the Brain Tumour Charity as a new member and was very sad to say goodbye to Linda McDonald from MyAware who retired.

YHANO continued to meet quarterly as a forum to share ideas, concerns, opportunities and information as well as to keep in touch by email throughout the year.

Together, we continued the challenge to ensure that neurological conditions are not forgotten in healthcare planning including by Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPs), CCGs and hospital trusts across Yorkshire and the Humber, taking part in consultations and meetings, sharing the views of people with neurological conditions and encouraging the development of better services.

In particular:

STPs – YHANO members attended engagement events held by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate STP and the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw STP and used all opportunities to raise concerns about neurological services and to encourage the STPs to prioritise service improvements. This is still an ongoing process!

We also hope to be involved in Humber, Coast and Vale STP engagement opportunities when they happen.

Mid Yorkshire/Wakefield – YHANO has met regularly with Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust to challenge plans for neurology after the resignation of five neurologists in 2016. YHANO is feeding back on the new plans for the neurology service and hopes to work with Healthwatch Wakefield in 2018 to get feedback from people with neurological conditions.

North Lincolnshire – YHANO members attended engagement events to raise concerns about general and specific issues with local neurology services. We have been pushing for the planned review of neurology to take place and hope this will happen in 2018 and lead to improved services.

YHANO members also engaged with the neuro rehab service and a neuro physio who ran training for North Lincolnshire Council activity class leaders so they are more confident and able to support people with neurological conditions who want to be more active.

York – work has been led by Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society to improve services in line with plans developed in 2014. The engagement has also led to a Parkinson’s and MS education event for GPs being organised for January 2018. The hope is that similar education events happen for other neurological conditions.

A number of YHANO members are involved in developing a wellbeing drop-in for people with neurological conditions. The aim is for an informal, regular event that provides opportunities for peer support and some activities depending on what attendees want. We hope to start in late spring 2018 at St Leonard’s Hospice.


YHANO members have continued to work with local Healthwatches where appropriate to ensure issues faced by people with neurological conditions are noted and acted on as needed.

Yet again, YHANO has proved that working together achieves more than working independently and we are delighted with the positive impact we have had to improve services for people with neurological conditions in Yorkshire and the Humber.