Annual Review

In 2019

Welcome to our review of 2019

A number of YHANO member organisations underwent reorganisations in the later stages of 2019 which could impact on our membership and plans for 2020.

In 2019 we tried out meeting virtually and successfully with three of our quarterly meetings via Skype. This provided more flexibility and allowed more people to get involved.  Whether face to face or virtual, our meetings are still a forum that shares ideas, concerns, opportunities and information.

In 2019, working together and in partnership with the National Neurological Alliance, we continued our work to ensure that neurological conditions are not forgotten in healthcare planning including by Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPs), Health and Care Partnerships, CCGs and hospital trusts across Yorkshire and the Humber. We have taken part in consultations and meetings, sharing the views of people with neurological conditions and encouraging the development of better services.

In particular:

Humber neurological conditions review – YHANO members both responded to the consultation and worked with people with and affected by neurological conditions to respond with ideas about what is working and what could be improved. A report summarised the consultation responses and is now being taken forward by a group of professionals at the hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups involved. We are keeping in touch via one of the commissioners who is involved in taking the ideas forward to put together a proposal in 2020.

Regional plans – YHANO members attended consultation meetings about new regional (Strategic Transformation Partnership or equivalent) plans. While neurological conditions never made it on to the priority list, we linked in with other priorities including mental health and urgent and emergency care to make the case for improving services.

Neurological conditions awareness sessions – YHANO members worked with a range of organisations to deliver awareness sessions about neurological conditions to non-specialist health and care professionals. The aim was to provide more in-depth information about conditions to better enable professionals to support people with these conditions.

The sessions included: Sheffield social care teams; Lincolnshire County Council staff; Bradford, Hull and Rotherham Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) or mental health teams and the Scarborough Occupational Therapy community team. All the sessions were very well received.

We plan to continue this approach in 2020. We have scheduled sessions with North East Lincolnshire and Kirklees IAPT teams and North Lincolnshire social care staff.

Our work on improving local mental health support for people with neurological conditions was featured at the national Neurological Alliance mental health conference. The presentation led to the national IAPT lead requesting an online training session for all England IAPT staff. The Neurological Alliance is leading on this and it is scheduled for January 2020.

Right Care progressive Neurological Conditions toolkit – this was published in summer 2019 and YHANO members highlighted it to appropriate commissioners and providers.

North East Lincolnshire – Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society worked together to secure National Lottery funding for an exercise project that will run in 2020.

Palliative care – MND Association and MS Society representatives attended a workshop to highlight gaps in provision for people with neurological conditions in the Wakefield area.

Yet again, YHANO has proved that working together achieves more than working independently. We are delighted with the positive impact we have had to improve services for people with neurological conditions in Yorkshire and the Humber.

In 2020 we aim to do more of the same and build on what we have achieved in working together so far.