Annual Review

In 2018

Welcome to our review of 2018

YHANO was pleased to welcome back MyAware as a member and to welcome the Stroke Association as a new member.

We continue to meet quarterly as a forum that shares ideas, concerns, opportunities and information. Between meetings we keep in touch by email.

In 2018, working together, we continued the challenge to ensure that neurological conditions are not forgotten in healthcare planning including by Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPs), Health and Care Partnerships, CCGs and hospital trusts across Yorkshire and the Humber. We have taken part in consultations and meetings, sharing the views of people with neurological conditions and encouraging the development of better services.

In particular:

Neurological conditions awareness sessions – YHANO members worked with a range of organisations to deliver awareness sessions about neurological conditions to non-specialist health and care professionals. The aim was to provide more in-depth information about conditions to better enable professionals to support people with these conditions.

The sessions included: Doncaster social care teams, care agency and care home staff; Calderdale social care teams and local care staff; Calderdale and Kirklees (SWPYFT) long term conditions mental health team; Connect Well Hull social prescribing team; Kirklees health trainers (MS only).

We plan to continue this approach in 2019. We have scheduled sessions in January and February with one of Sheffield’s social care teams, Bradford mental health team and a Rotherham mental health (IAPT) team. We have a session with  Lincolnshire County Council in June.

 Mid Yorkshire/Wakefield – YHANO continued to meet regularly with Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust about plans for neurology after the resignation of five neurologists in 2016. The team of neurologists is now growing. In spring 2019 YHANO will be working with the Hospital Trust and Healthwatch Wakefield to get the views of people with neurological conditions on the proposed new services. We also hope to work with the CCG to ensure that GPs and other health care professionals understand how the new neurology service works and how to refer people quickly to the service.

Yorkshire and the Humber hospices – YHANO ran a survey of all hospices to identify services available for people with neurological conditions across the region. This included visits to hospices in West Yorkshire. The responses are very positive with most hospices offering some drop in services for people diagnosed with a range of neurological conditions.

We plan to follow up the survey in 2019 and work more closely with our local hospices where appropriate.

York – work has been led by Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society to improve services in line with plans developed in 2014. The engagement led to a Parkinson’s and MS education event for GPs in January 2018.

There are also plans in place for new Parkinson’s and MS nurses to start in York in 2019.

A number of members of YHANO established a monthly drop in for people with neurological conditions – Café Neuro. This started in May 2018 and continues to be held monthly. For more information visit Café Neuro York on Facebook.

YHANO members have continued to work with local Healthwatches where appropriate to ensure issues faced by people with neurological conditions are noted and acted on as needed.

Yet again, YHANO has proved that working together achieves more than working independently. We are delighted with the positive impact we have had to improve services for people with neurological conditions in Yorkshire and the Humber.

In 2019 we aim to do more of the same as well as engaging with the Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership review of neurology pathways when that happens.