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Yorkshire and the Humber

Association of Neurological Organisations

YHANO is a collaborative group representing neurological third sector organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber. YHANO was set up in 2009 building upon the experience of the original VOWNnet (Voluntary Organisations Workers in Neurology Network). Membership is open to any employee of neurological third sector organisations in Yorkshire and the Humber whose roles include a remit to influence health and social care service provision. Click here for contact details of member organisations and visit our latest news page for information and updates from our most recent meetings.

Our Vision: ‘Engage, Explore, Educate’


‘Influencing, Informing, Innovating and Involving’

There is the potential for greater synergy between our national groups working together regionally to pool ideas and resources to make a difference locally:

  • As a whole YHANO is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • As representatives of national bodies we can work together on common neurological issues and collectively influence regional health and social care services at a strategic level.
  • As regional workers in the field we provide one another with peer support.
  • Whilst providing stability in a period of great change, we provide flexibility to support statutory services across Yorkshire and the Humber.
  • We provide small and large scale educational and awareness raising opportunities for those commissioning service provision, development and change.
  • We provide tailor-made educational opportunities for those working within the field of long term neurological conditions.
  • We act as a liaison between services and their users and families.

Key priorities:

1)   YHANO works collaboratively to engage key regional strategic partners involved in influencing, commissioning and decision making in health and social care across Yorkshire and the Humber.

2)   YHANO provides neurological education for health and social care practitioners, building on existing models to evaluate and develop an ongoing education strategy.

3)   YHANO acts as an influential virtual network for long term neurological conditions within Yorkshire and the Humber and aims to work alongside the national and regional Neurological Alliances. It is a forum for effective communication, peer support and information sharing.